Directions to Hanson Rod & Gun Club

From: Rhode Island and Coastal parts of Connecticut:

  • Take 95 North to 495 South (Cape Cod) Exit 6 A.
  • Take Exit 7 A (Boston) 24 North.
  • *Take Exit 15 (Bridgewater/Raynham) Route 104 East. From the off ramp take a right.
  • Follow the Rt. 104 signs towards Bridgewater. You'll come to a Stop sign.
  • Rt. 104 turns left, and then follow around the Bridgewater Common (a right and then a left). At the lights, turn right onto Rt. 104, follow until a stop
    sign, and turn right onto Rt. 106.
  • *** Travel 1.4 miles. (You will pass Stella's Restaurant and an Arctic Cat Snowmobile place on your right). There will be a sign that reads - To 27 Hanson, take that left, (It's 2.8 miles to Davis road) No Street sign as of today.
  • This runs into Elm Street take a left. Davis Road is on your left side. There will be our sign along the way directing you. If you miss the sign To 27 Hanson, and the next left has a Hospital sign, take that left and keep to the right. This will lead into Elm Street.

An alternative route:  In Providence, Route 44 is a local highway from Rt. 95 to Rt. 24 No. Follow the above directions. See *

Another alternative is Route 195 from Providence to 24 North. See *

From The North Shore. All Routes that point toward Boston:

  • From: I 93, or I 95 or 1, or 1A, or 3
  • Follow I 93 South [1] [3]
  • Go through Boston, Following signs towards the Cape.
  • Take Exit 7 It's a left exit. (Cape Cod) Route 3.
  • **Take Exit 16 B (So. Weymouth/Abington). Route 18.
  • ** Follow Rt. 18 for roughly 15 minutes. At the intersection of Route 27, take a left. Landmarks (Cumberland Farms, Marcello's, TLC, and a gas station). Then follow Rt. 27 South - Signs read Hanson.
  • At the 4 way stop sign continue straight, this is still Rt. 27 remember to stop. This is also, South Avenue, after the railroad tracks, then the Ford Dealership on your left, Rt. 27 turns right. Follow Rt. 27 Hanson for roughly 6 minutes.
  • After Rt. 27 takes a sharp left in the road, travel ½ mile, Elm Street Grill is on your right, and Elm Street. Take a right onto Elm Street, travel 4 tenths of a mile; Davis Road is on your right. There will be our signs along the way directing you.

There is also the alternative Rt. 128, I95 to Rt. 3 (Cape Cod). Take Exit 16 B - Follow the above directions. See **

There is also the alternative Rt. 495 to 24.

From Upper Western Mass:

  • From Routes 202 to 2, towards Boston, follow the directions from the North Shore.

From Western Mass. (Springfield Area):

  • Take 90 E the Mass. Pike to Rt.128, & I 95 (Boston direction) Bear right where the highway splits following Rt. 3 (Cape Cod). Take Exit 16 B - Follow
    the above directions. See **

There is also the alternative Rt. 495 to 24 North. (Boston). Follow the directions from R.I. and Coastal Conn. See *

From: Anywhere, if you choose Route 24 South from Rt. 128 & I 95.

  • Take Exit Route 27 South. This brings you through Brockton. Be careful of following the correct Rt. 27 signs, Hanson, Whitman is the direction you want. If you make a wrong turn, you'll end up going towards Stoughton. Turn around.

Alternative: (A better choice) Take 16 A Route 106 (Bridgewater's & Easton). Take the Bridgewater Exit 16 A. Follow Rt.106 East. At the lights, Route 18 North, take a left, at the bottom of the hill, and then take a right onto Route 106. Landmark. (Joppa Grill Restaurant). Watch for where Route 104 connects to Rt.106. See ***

From the Hartford Connecticut Area:

  • Take Route 44 E or 6 E (towards Providence, R. I.)
  • Take 95 North.
  • Then follow directions from R.I. and Coastal Conn.

An alternative to by-pass Providence, take Route 295 to Rt. 95N. Then follow directions from R.I. and Coastal Conn.

Another alternative: Take Route 84 No. Towards Rt. 90 E Mass. Pike. Follow Western Mass. Directions.

From Cape Cod:

  • Take 3 North (Boston) then take Exit 9 (Kingston). Turn right from the off ramp. Travel .7 tenths of a mile. Bear left, the road splits (Sign reads 106
    West and 27 No.)
  • Travel .8 tenths of a mile, and take a left onto Route 106 West.
  • Travel 7.6 miles. (Landmark - Big blue Hospital sign on the right side of the road.
  • Take that right. Old Plymouth Street. This runs into Elm Street, which you will bear right.
  • Travel 3 miles, and Davis road is on your left.

From Plymouth:

Use Cape Cod directions from 3A North.

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