Archery at The Hanson Rod & Gun Club

The Archery Ranges at The Hanson Rod and Gun Club provides sporting facilities from club level to hunting standards for people of all ages interested in the sport of Archery. The club has occupied it’s present grounds for more than 50 years, and along with member assistance has seen constant improvements made over many years to a stage where the facilities for archery are among the best on the South Shore.

These facilities include:

  • Outdoor target range
  • Distance up to 50 yards
  • Fifteen station outdoor course
  • 20 yard indoor range
  • Ability to shoot in all conditions
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Indoor range is climate controlled

Archery Facilities

Hanson Rod & Gun has three archery ranges: an indoor range, an outdoor range and a fifteen station outdoor course.

The indoor archery range is a newly renovated five station, 20 yard, target range. The range has five target butts, each with NFAA or FITA style indoor target faces. The target butts are commercially manufactured four inch thick 4×4 woven rice hay bales. They are designed to stop all arrows. The rice bales are mounted in front of excelsior bales which provide additional assurance that your arrows will stop, undamaged. The indoor range is open to all members and generally available for practice. However, check the midweek evening range hours. During the peak mid-week evening hours, the pistol team and youth rifle team use the area as a waiting/meeting area. Range hours and activities are posted in the range area and in the main club house, as well.

The outdoor archery range is an open air, 50 yard range with five targets. The five targets are positioned ten yards apart with the first target at ten yards and the last at fifty yards. Each target has an NFAA style target face on a large excelsior bale. The bale is on a stand about four feet off the ground and is protected from the elements by a small roof. The range is generally open, and is available to all members.There are no outdoor lights, so shooting is limited to daylight hours.

The fifteen station outdoor course is a gem. Try it, you’ll like it. The course is very well maintained and we have rebuilt all fifteen stations over the last two years. It is open all day and is mavailable to all members. The course meanders through the club’s wooded acreage providing a pleasant hour or two of shooting in a peaceful setting. It is a noncompetitive, unmarked yardage course designed for hunting practice. Each station consists of an excelsior bale protected by a large A-frame structure. The target face is a two dimensional animal face painted on weatherproof burlap. Each station has its own character: some are in close “bushy” shots; some are long open shots; some slope uphill, others slope down hill. Station six has a large tree stand with stairs. It is triangular platform, with a four foot depth and about seven foot length. At this station, in addition to the excelsior bale, we often have a 3D deer target that offers a realistic tree stand type shot. In the fall, at this station only, we usually put out a target that can be used for broadhead practice.

Please read the range rules before using the ranges. The rules are generally common sense and meant to protect you, your equipment, and your fellow member. The archery range rules are posted in the main club house and in the archery range.

3D Competition

Hanson Rod and Gun is a member of the Tri-County 3-D Archery League. The league has about ten clubs, all in southeastern Massachusetts. Each club will host about four events throughout the year. The league starts in January and ends in October or November, running about forty weeks.The shoots are on Sunday mornings. IBO rules generally apply. Each event stands on its own with trophies provided for the winners of each event. The schedule is available on the calendar page and in the clubhouse. Hanson Rod and Gun generally hosts four events. All events consist of thirty 3-D animal targets positioned throughout the host club’s property. Most clubs have a wide variety of animal targets. While deer and bear are many, there are also dinosaur, buffalo, alligator, baboon and elk. Entry fee is $10 for adults and under 18 is free.

Monday Night Archery

Every Monday night, join us for Monday Night Archery in the indoor range from 5:45-7:30 PM. This is an evening of fun, informal competition. Dust off that bow and give it a try. All skill levels are welcomed.

Indoor/Outdoor Archery Range Rules

  • No alcohol, horseplay or firearms maybe used on these ranges.
  • All bows shall be pointed down range.
  • Those not shooting must stand at least 3 yards behind the shooter on the outdoor range.
  • Make sure the target is clear before shooting.
  • Place bow in front of target when looking for lost arrows on the outdoor range.
  • Place bow on hanger before retrieving arrows on the indoor range.
  • All guests must be accompanied by a senior club member.
  • All children must be accompanied by a senior club member.
  • No crossbows allowed unless written permission has been given by the archery chairman.
  • No used (with the exception of using your own targets or any club target so designated by the archery chairman).
  • All trash shall be picked up and placed in the appropriate containers.

Download the Archery Rules Document.

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